SquirrelMail version 1.4.23 [SVN]
By the SquirrelMail Project Team


PKS Email Support

Email Client Configuration


Email Client Configuration

In order to avail of the institute's email service please configure your client to match the settings below:

Incoming Mail - IMAP
Server Name
Port 993
User Name <username>
Connection security SSL
Authentication method Normal password
Outgoing Mail - SMTP
Server Name
Port 587
User Name <username>
Connection security STARTTLS
Authentication method Normal password

Thunderbird Configuration

To configure your Thunderbird client take the following steps.

  1. Start the Thunderbird email client.
  2. From the Edit menu select Account Settings.
  3. For Server Settings and Outgoing Server (SMTP) enter the settings from the table above as shown in the following screenshots.




Email filters enable the automatic processing of incoming emails. Filters are commonly employed to remove spam and sort email into folders depending on the sender, subject or other criteria. In this section the activation of the "quick-filters" which include a spam filter and an out of office reply will be explained. Subsequently, the activation of a redirect filter will be exemplified.


Each email account is equipped with two filters by default, a spam filter and an out of office reply. These filters are disabled by default and therefore must be enabled before they can be used. The spam filter may be enabled at all times and the out of office reply at the appropriate times. To enable these filters take the following steps.

1. Select Filters at the top of the screen. You will now see two Filters; No. 1 is the spam filter and No. 2 is the vacation message.


2. Tick the checkbox of the appropriate filter and select the Enable button.


In order to disable the filters, for example, after a business trip or holiday, follow the aforementioned steps, tick the appropriate filter and select the Disable button.

Redirect Filter

The purpose of the redirect filter is to have emails automatically forwarded to another email account. To configure this filter take the following steps.

1. Select Filters at the top of the screen.


2. Select the Add a New Rule button.

Add a New Rule

3. From the drop-down list in the Condition section select All. Remove the additional conditions.

Condition All

4. In the Action section select the Redirect to the following email address: radio button and enter your email address into the text field.

redirect radio button

5. Now select the Add New Rule button to save the filter.